• Child nutrition is
    a national priority

  • The Ultimate Solution
    for the CACFP

  • For family day care providers

    Entering your claim has never been easier

  • For CACFP Sponsors

    Record keeping, reporting and claims processing

  • For Monitors

    Access all of your CACFP data anywhere you go

  • Business module for providers

    Because family day care is also a business

  • Mobile app for entering claims

    Claim entry in the palm of your hand

  • Voice activated claim entry

    Enter claims without taking your eyes off of the children

  • Scannable menus

    The most provider-friendly paper menus

  • For Centers and Center sponsors

    Easy to use and reasonably priced

  • Data conversion

    No need to be locked in to your current system

  • Free up money in your budget

    We get it: You're a non-profit

We share your values

We share your vision of ensuring that all children are given a chance to succeed in life by giving them the proper nutrition they need to effectively develop their minds and bodies. The Child and Adult Care Food Program provides the necessary funding and guidance to make this vision a reality for children in licensed day care.

We share your values of maximizing Participation in this valuable program and at the same time Protecting its integrity, while being Respectful of the public’s money by aggressively minimizing operating costs.

Since 1983 our mission has always been to provide outstanding software solutions for the CACFP at the lowest possible price. From the original stand-alone DOS-based program, we have evolved to network-based scanning systems, and now to web-based solutions.

What we offer


For Providers

Taking care of the children is your first priority. That's why we've designed our screens to be as simple as possible, making data entry very quick and easy. With just a few clicks, you can enter meal attendance and servings. Our Business Recordkeeping module gives you everything you need to professionalize your child care business. Budgeting, Checkbook, Account, Invoices, Reports, Time tracking...it's all there. And free to CACFP participants!


For Sponsors

Our system gives CACFP sponsors all of the tools they need to maintain data, validate and process claims, generate checks and ACH deposits, and run reports -- all with very easy to use screens. You can process claims entered from online, scannable menus, or manual claims.


For Monitors

Our tablet application allows you to access all of your CACFP data anywhere you go, and record visit information electronically.


For Centers

Our system helps you maintain children data, rooms and staff, record daily meal attendance, plan menus, record actual servings and quantities, validate the claims and maintain receipts information.

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