The Ultimate Solution for the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Whether you are a family child care provider, CACFP sponsoring organization, center or state agency, our web-based solutions empower you to cost-effectively manage the business of child care and free you to focus on the people you serve.


For Providers   For Sponsors 
Taking care of the children is your first priority. That's why we've designed our screens to be as simple as possible, making data entry very quick and easy. With just a few clicks, you can enter meal attendance and servings.

Our Business Recordkeeping module gives you everything you need to professionalize your child care business. Budgeting, Checkbook, Account, Invoices, Reports, Time's all there. And free to CACFP participants!
  Our system gives CACFP sponsors all of the tools they need to maintain data, validate and process claims, generate checks and ACH deposits, and run reports -- all with very easy to use screens.

You can process claims entered from online, scannable menus, or manual claims.

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For Centers   For States 
Our system helps you maintain children data, rooms and staff, record daily meal attendance, plan menus, record actual servings and quantities, validate the claims and maintain receipts information.

  State agencies now have the tools to more efficiently and effectively supervise Food Program integrity. Web-based screens allow you to view the most recent provider information, including home reviews.

Extensibility: You're not limited to viewing just provider CACFP data. The system can expand your capabilities to maintain information on registration for example. We'll work with your particular requirements to develop the most cost effective solution for your needs.

Web technology makes it all possible
There's a reason why companies like Google™, Amazon™, Facebook™, Twitter™ and Angie's List™ have become the new giants: they are all cloud-based.

This simply means that they don't spend money developing software that runs on desktops. Instead, their applications only require a browser -- any browser from any device -- to deliver what their customers really want: High value, low cost.

Our mission is to bring these latest advances to the CACFP. To give you everything you want in a system -- and more -- at half the cost you'll find elsewhere. Explore what we have to offer and see for yourself how powerful and easy to use it really is. (But don't worry, it just looks expensive.)

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