We share your vision of ensuring that all children are given a chance to succeed in life by giving them the proper nutrition they need to effectively develop their minds and bodies. The Child and Adult Care Food Program provides the necessary funding and guidance to make this vision a reality for children in licensed day care.

We share your values of maximizing Participation in this valuable program and at the same time Protecting its integrity, while being Respectful of the public’s money by aggressively minimizing operating costs.

Since 1983 our mission has always been to provide outstanding software solutions for the CACFP at the lowest possible price. From the original stand-alone DOS-based program, we have evolved to network-based scanning systems, and now to web-based solutions.

... because the future is in the Web.

Built upon years of experience working closely with food program sponsors and day care providers, CACFP.Net is the ultimate solution at a rock-bottom price. Good timing too, because as tight as budgets have always been, they are about to get tighter.

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For Sponsors

You need to keep complete records on all of your providers, their children, visits, tiering, claims, checks received, and more.

You also need to generate accurate reports for your State Agency and auditors and cut checks to your providers.

You need to be able to handle manual claims and offer your providers a great online claiming system as well as provider-friendly scannable forms.

Basically you need a system that's comprehensive and flexible. At a very reasonable price.

CACFP.Net does all that, and a lot more.

For Providers

We make it really easy to participate in the Food Program. If fact, we could tell you how easy it is to use our online claiming, but we thought you'd like to hear it from the providers themselves:

"It is actually easier for me to access than many other internet programs and websites."

"My overall experience is great!! I am not very proficient with computers. I am still new to them. This system was very easy to use even for me! I honestly can not think of anything to make it better. I think you have thought of almost everything...I would absolutely recommend this to and I do recommend it to other providers."

"I don't think it could be made much easier. The designers did a great job of making it easy to figure out."

"Oh my word! This is so easy it's going to be my Christmas present to myself!"

For States

We give you the necessary tools to guard program integrity.

For sponsors in your state who are on CACFP.Net, it gives you access to all current provider, children, visit and claim data. It even records a history of important changes to provider contact information.

But its Analytics that give you the most important insights.